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Welcome to Bit Powder, a virtual place for technology with low footprint: either low memory requirements, low energy consumption, or both. For example, this website runs on a special web server, costing only tens of MiB of memory. This includes an in-memory search index, for fast searching.

Tech used regularly:

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Fix for WDK hypervisor error

2024-01-10 I have a Windows Dev Kit 2023, but had 5-8 crashes a day, all resulting in a blue screen of death with the message HYPERVISOR_ERROR. But I found a solution.


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Articles about technical subjects, announcements, experiences, etc.


Making the Linux desktop more productive, with apps like clippy (ssh clipboard), tmuxstatus (tmux status line), gestures (swipes for touchpads). And platform independant utilities like genny (text generator), and butlery (webserver).


Libraries, e.g. expry (expression evaluator), hairy (templates), and libpep (pseudonimisation and encryption).


Docs for syntax supported by the apps and libs of Bit Powder: markdowny version, hairy text templates, expry expressions, and embedded Lua API offered.


About me

This site is created and maintained by me, Bernard van Gastel. I like tech stuff, focusing on minimal resource usage (especially memory and energy), domotica, internet services, crypto protocols. Stuff like that. I'm actually a computer science researcher working on sustainability of computer programs, and diving into social inequality due to a growing digital divide. So basically I'm trying to make a significant (positive) impact on society. This aligns neatly with the current motto of my employer: the Radboud University uses the slogan 'a significant impact'. I also have a site focused on my academic work. This site is for my non-academic work, mainly programming. Have fun!