In our apps (Café Samson and de BierApp) we collect on a server the following data:

These data items are restored if the app is restored. We do not share these individual items with anybody. The aggegrated ratings are published openly.

For proper functioning, crash reports are automatically send to the developers. These collect basic device information like brand, model, amount of memory, and the cause of the crash. These crash reports are only used for quality assurance.

All data communications are encrypted. All data not used in one year will be automatically removed.

Additionally, de BierApp allows users to create an account. This account can optionally be provided with an email address, allowing for password recovery.

To remove your data, please create a note for the 'Heineken' beer item that state 'REMOVE THIS ACCOUNT', and send an email to with your request. All your data will be removed from the active server (and automatically after a few months from the backups as well).

The legal entity is Bit Powder, located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Contact with